The Music

Think U2 meets Korn…” 

Bernard Baur, Music Connection

  “…good, strong roots-rock with solid melodic elements”… 

Jeff Rabhan, Hits Magazine 

  “…think a distance post-Tool cousin of System of a Down…smart, nimble bass lines and driving, heavy drum rhythms.” 

Jack Sayre, Las Vegas Mercury 

“Quirky colorful band… bitchin’ ungimmicky music.” 

Pamela Des Barres, E! Online 

  H is Orange: Brutal, fast and unrelenting rock that confronts and entertains with hardcore energy.”

Bernard Baur, Music Connection 

 “This band works hard… and you can tell. If you like smart, aggressive rock… get this album. Go see them live. Get involved before you can’t see them at the Viper Room any more and are instead waiting outside their sold-out show at the Palladium.” 

Band Description 


“A kicking rock band” 

 Music Connection 

“One band stood out, one band from Los Angeles blew my fucking mind. H is Orange.” 

Josh, LasVegas Local 


“You ever listen to a local band think they should already be signed? To a major? H is Orange is a pretty exciting example of this.” 


Live Performance 


“Tight and furious, they never back off or lie down”… “seems as if they have played together forever”.

Bernard Baur, Music Connection 


“Tonight is the reason I love live music… you can tell the emotion is being felt, the music is THAT good.” 

Josh, LasVegas Local 


“Live, their performances are full of emotion, intensity and indescribable energy” 


 The Vocals 

  “‘PPC‘ and ‘Bullet Point‘ are excellent examples of the tight musicianship and radio friendly draw factor, highlighting the exception vocal talents of Sam Nelson” 

Paula Wilson,


“…a gait not unilke  Maynard James Keenan’s, which accomplishes urgency without screaming ‘hardcore’.” 

Jack Sayre, Las Vegas Mercury

“vocal rampage”…. 

Bernard Baur, Music Connection